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How can I help?

First thing you must know is, you must have valid login credentials to add or edit content on this wiki. The club does not have the resources available to clean graffiti anonymous editors use to deface a wiki. Acquiring the proper clearance to edit is simple as sending an email to iredellhikes@gmailDOTcom. It is a one setup required.

After acquiring a login ID, you may log in and:

You can help by creating an article or filling in blanks on existing pages.

Click here to see the pages needing data.

The Hikers of Iredell Club is building several lists, many need continual updating to remain relevant.

Editors can also review the list of Maintenance Tags used by this wiki.

Club Information Park Information Trail Information
About Us

Wiki Basics

Creating a new page:

  • Search the wiki to ensure an article isn't already available.
    • When searching, simplify your search terms, such as, instead of searching for Mount Cammerer, search for Cammerer, which will match variations Mt Cammerer, Mt. Cammerer, and Mount Cammerer.
  • If nothing is found, search the wiki again, this time with the formal name of your article. In the above example, we would search for Mount Cammerer.
  • If the article does not exist as searched, the search result will include a red link, and any red link results in a new page when clicked.
  • Sometimes it is helpful to copy and paste similar content from another article and edit to make the content relevant to the article topic.